Rustic Epoxy Finish On Reclaimed Uneven Wood

Our reclaimed wood tables and furniture are often finished with our premium matte epoxy, which has a very smooth and level surface. We also offer more rustic finish options that follow the natural contours of the rugged aged wood. This harvest table is made from weathered barn board that has been worn by rain and sun and developed deep grooves in the grain. It’s the premium matte epoxy finish that makes it smooth.

Knots, cracks and old nail holes are filled in almost entirely level. We try to preserve the naturally occurring rough surfaces of the reclaimed wood. We prefer not to plane or sand off the markings that took over 100 years to develop, and make each piece a truly unique one-of-a-kind! This is why our tops are unique.

Our rustic epoxy finish leaves some surface texture and character intact but still has a smooth cleanable surface free of crevices where debris might collect. It is a great option for coffee tables and vanity tops, or wherever a completely smooth surface is not entirely necessary. This reclaimed threshing floor coffee table has deep cracks and gouges in the top that are still high lighted with the clear, rustic epoxy that follows the contours.

Some customers have chosen the rustic epoxy for dining tables. It is a little less practical in some cases but we carefully select boards with a suitable balance of function and character. The main texture is located to the center of the table while the flatter boards are located where the place settings are.

This table is complemented by our Farmhouse Deep-seat chairs stained to match the darkest streaks in the table top.

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